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The Watasensor sensor technology is based on the patented subsonic frequency sensing technology that can detect subsonic sound below the human hearing (sub 20 Hz). This band of frequencies is normally used in seismographs to monitor earthquake. The unique aspect of subsonic frequency is its capability to travel  long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation. The subsonic sound has also a military history as well, it was used by Allies forces in World War I to locate artillery; the frequency of the muzzle blast from firing was noticeably different than that produced by the shell’s impact explosion, allowing the two sources to be discriminated and located geographically.

Watasensor has applied the subsonic frequency sensing technology to monitor the break-in by intruder into a house or car. The subsonic physical phenomena resulting from the door/windows opening or closing or glass break has been mathematically modeled and parameterized. Thereafter a set of optimum filters is applied and processed by a DSP engine in order to forming a revolutionary complete sensing system with almost zero false detection rate. Fundamentally the Watasensor sensor system consists of a customized subsonic microphone and an optimized DSP engine  The sensing system can detect the door/windows open and closing of a premise with a space up to 2000 SQ or car without the installation of any wired or wireless and glass break sensors. The sensing technology can be extended to detect the subsonic physical phenomena resulting from a fire, earthquake and healthcare related applications.

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