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Walert: Home security device ensures your home is safe

WAlert is one of the most advanced and useful home security device today. This device provides a great way to protect, alert and maintain the safety of your home as well as your family members. From some surveys, we can protect your home with simple security devices.
Remove anything that can be used to break into your home. Did you know that objects such as trash, garden tools, and furniture can help thieves break into the house? If your home has these tools, make sure they are placed in a garage or toolbox.

Protect windows and doors against intruders

Patio door and open windows are places that burglars prefer, because they are obscured and easily intruded. A window guard, rod or metal mesh with a safety lock can be easily opened inside for your family to escape safely in the event of a fire.
Doors leading outside are where more than three-quarters of all burglars gain entry, and where your efforts are most likely to have a dramatic impact. Sliding doors are the most vulnerable to intruders, as their simple locks are easy to break. The simplest solution is a metal bar or a length of wood dowelling (a section of broom handle also works) placed in the lower door track.

Walert: Smart home security device

home security device

The WAlert is a home security device which is based on a unique patented Infrasound frequency sensing technology that can detect hinged door/window open and glass break of a premise with a floor space up to 2000 SQ, without the installation of any wired or wireless window and door sensors and glass break sensors. Upon detection of an intrusion, a buzzer (120db) is triggered to deter the intruder, and a notification is sent over the Internet to the owner’s smart phone via broadband network. It can also be seamlessly integrated into some smart home platforms such as Amazon Echo platform. It’s a compact and streamlined device, can be plugged into power outlet anywhere in your premise. It provides you a peace of mind, and seamlessly interacts with your Smartphone’s and tablets over Internet anytime and anywhere.

Key Features of WAlert Home Security Device:

WAlert home security device has the unique, useful and advanced features that the other home security devices can’t provide:

– Infrasound frequency sensor detects hinged door/window open and glass break and unauthorized breaking into a room.
– No installation of any wired or wireless door/window contacts or glass break sensors.
– Omni-directional, not limited by line of sight.
– Pet friendly, no false alarms.
– Supports external IP camera’s

In which case can the Walert home security device be used?

You should use the WAlert smart home security device if you are worried about your home and property when you are away. WAlert can detect the main hinged door and windows opening and authorized break in. When the door is opened, the buzzer will be triggered to deter intruders and users will be notified immediately via smartphones or tablets. This device provides you a peace of mind when leaving home.

The deployment environment of WAlert home security device:

The WAlert home security device can be installed to ensure the security of space, as well as for people living in that space:
– Apartments
– Homes
– Dormitories
– Offices
– Retail stores
– Hotel rooms
– Storage area
The WAlert home security device is a perfect solution to help keep your home safe, prevent illegal intrusion and, most importantly, bring convenience, peace of mind at home. This is the device that should be in every modern home.

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