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General Questions

Yes. The client app is free and a single WALERT device can be connected with multiple smart phones using the same registered user name and associated password.

It is dependent on house type. The WataSensor security solution can support up to five WALERT devices.

No. The WALERT’s unique patented sensing technology is designed and optimized specifically to detect the door/window opens only.

The WALERT device is powered by an internal  AC adapter.  For home deployment, the AC adapter is plugged into the wall, and the WALERT device is powered by AC.

WALERT comes with an AC power adapter to plug WALERT device into the wall. The AC power adapter is an international switching power supply capable of 100 ~ 220V and 50/60 Hz.

Currently WALERT supports Android (version 4. xxx and above), iOS smart phones and tables and Windows PC’s as follows:

Yes. privacy and security go hand in hand. User has full control of  security and privacy. User can arm and disarm WALERT device

A bank-level security has been implemented. All communications between your WALERT device, cloud based server and your smart phones are encrypted over SSL (HTTPS).