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Break-In Prevention: Begin Home Security before Intruders Enter

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Did you know that in 85% of all break-ins, thieves and intruders enter a home through a door? And that it can take less than 10 seconds for them to kick in the door, but typical police response time to an alarm is often greater than 20 minutes? If you’re relying on an alarm alone to protect your family, property and belongings from these intruders, you could be making a grave mistake.

An alarm does not work until the intruder has already broken in and is inside your home. Effective security solutions should begin long before then. The best way to prevent a break-in is to stop intruders from being able to enter your home or property, and that starts with your doors.
Statistics show that if you make an intruder’s job difficult enough, they will simply go elsewhere. Chances are if they cannot kick in your door after several tries, they will recognize your home or even vacant property as a well-protected one that they do not want to attempt to rob and will move on.
Protect all of the weak points of your door and door jamb to make it incredibly difficult for an intruder to kick in your door and you will have effective security that works in conjunction with an alarm. Armor Concepts and our security products take a simple, practical approach to protecting you, your family, property and belongings: we secure the easiest way to get into a home.
Security solutions that prevent intruders from being able to enter don’t have to cost a fortune, either. They simply have to be effective. Armor Concepts door and security solutions not only work, they’re affordable, too.
A burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States

Protect your home with our device: WAlert Home Security Device

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