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You are building a new home and you intend to furnish your home with a security system. One of the important things is to choose the right time to install the security system to avoid affecting other items of the building as well as affect the general aesthetics of the house. What time to deploy

Walert: Home security device ensures your home is safe WAlert is one of the most advanced and useful home security device today. This device provides a great way to protect, alert and maintain the safety of your home as well as your family members. From some surveys, we can protect your home with simple security

Did you know that in 85% of all break-ins, thieves and intruders enter a home through a door? And that it can take less than 10 seconds for them to kick in the door, but typical police response time to an alarm is often greater than 20 minutes? If you’re relying on an alarm alone

If you ever wondered what the chances are that an intruder will find his way into your home, you’ll want to read on. The fact is, the United States leads the world in occurrence of burglaries and about four burglaries occur every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds. This startling statistic ignited our curiosity about