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A single WAlert device based on an unique patented subsonic sensing technology can detect intrusion into a house up to 2000 SQ without the installation of any wired or wireless contacts and glass break sensors.
  • Real-time notification
  • Easy to setup
  • All control on mobile application
  • Integrated IP Camera
Peace of mind at home
WAlert device
Triggered siren to deter intruder with

The fastest way to protect your homes with our new and awesome WataSensor’s security devices…

The incredible
  • World First
  • Subsonic Frequency
Security Device for Homes

The WAlert™ is the world first subsonic frequency security device for homes that is just plugged into any power outlet, easy to set up using Smartphone, and simple to use. It is based on an unique patented ultra-low frequency sensing technology that detects subtle physical changes resulting from the hinged door/window openings from any directions with almost zero false detection rate. It requires no installation, no monthly service, and no contract.


Unique patented subsonic frequency senor that can detect hinged door/window open and glass break of a room with a floor space up to 2000 SQ.


Without the installation of any wired or wireless door/window contacts or glass break sensors.


Triggered siren to deter intruder.


Support external IP Camera.

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Realtime notification

Notification is sent over the Internet to owner’s smart phone via broadband network.


A compact and streamlined device, can be plugged into power outlet anywhere in house, and support external IP Camera

Mobile application

Monitoring whole system with useful and friendly mobile applications

Amazing Usage

WAlert device
Peace of mind at home

Everything can be controlled by useful Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Walert system will adapt itself to any mobile or tablet device. iPad, iPhone, Android.

Everything on mobile

Setting, receiving status of system realtime by push notification.

Just take a look at the awesome WAlert device

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